Concierge IV Vitamin Therapy Servicing Northern VA




Ashley V.

"Very nice, knowledgeable and professional.  I had the "Detox Drip" which was recommended to me by a friend who had it before, I felt great after the treatment! Highly recommended.  I will definitely use their services in the future!"

Yasmin G.

"Love their B12 shots!  I was getting B12 injections from another place for months without seeing any results, I switched to InfuzedRx and bought the B12 package deal.  After my first B12 shot, I felt AMAZING! Highly recommended.  These B12 shots are a lot more effective than all others I have tried"

Mike H.

"Getting B12 shots weekly and I feel great.  Great service."

Anna M.

"Marjan was extraordinarily professional and thorough.  I felt great after my treatment.  They were so kind, patient, and knowledgeable- I felt completely at ease.  I highly recommend them!"

Maria A.

"Got a "Detox Drip" after a long night out and my friend had their "Hydration Made Simple Drip".  Marjan was very professional, came to our place on time and we both felt great afterwards. Hangover was gone! Highly recommended!"

Leila A.

"Great service! Very professional! Their drips are very effective.  I have chronic pain and fatigue, have tried their myers and detox drips, VERY effective, I feel great! I highly recommend them!"