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Frequently Asked Questions


Why IV and not oral?

Some may ask why choose IV fluids and vitamins when you can drink water and take vitamins by mouth? An IV infusion delivers fluids and vitamins directly into your blood stream, bypassing absorption, which means there is no need for your GI tract to break down nutrients. This allows for immediate effect, meaning much higher blood levels are reached and it is 100% bioavailable to you after infusion. 

What are some benefits of IV therapy?


IV fluids can provide immediate hydration. IV vitamins are used to treat malabsorption, some chronic illnesses, fatigue, improve cognitive ability, increase metabolism, vitamin deficiency, mood elevation, help build immunity as well as detoxification and decrease in inflammation.

What are some side effects of IV therapy?

IV vitamin therapy is not safe for everyone. Side effects vary from inflammation, pain, or infection at the site of injection, allergic reaction to ingredients including anaphylaxis, and hypervitaminosis. It is very important to ask your doctor before receiving a treatment. 

How long is the IV treatment?


Treatments are typically between 20-60 minutes depending on the infusion.

Do you offer discounts?


We offer a 10% discount to groups of 3 and more.

How often can I get an IV infusion?


This depends on the treatment. Most treatments are safe to be repeated on weekly basis.


Do you offer IV prescription medications?


We only offer a mixture of IV fluids and vitamins. We do not offer prescription anti-emetics, analgesics, or IV antibiotics. 

Is IV therapy FDA approved?


IV vitamin therapy is typically not FDA approved. All statements made are solely based on our years of experience as medical professionals.

Do you accept insurance?


We do not accept insurance. We only accept cash or credit. 

Can I get a treatment if I am pregnant?


If you are pregnant, we require that you get clearance by your OBGYN doctor prior to all treatments. IV fluids are used to alleviate symptoms of vomiting during pregnancy.  If you think you are dehydrated and in need of IV hydration, talk to your OBGYN doctor first and then give us a call.

How can I make an appointment?


Easy!  Text, call, or email us today to schedule your appointment.